SIM2 SIRIO 2014/15 1-Chip DLP Projector

  Engineered for the most demanding home entertainment system, SIRIO 2014/15 brings a balanced approach to high brightness projection, with a quality of picture that rivals that of the best projectors in its category. Designed to be used with large screen sizes or in ambient light room conditions, where high light output is a necessity, [...]

SIM2 M.120 DLP Projector

The LED entry-level M.120 DLP Projector has been specifically designed to optimise components in order to offer a high quality product at a lower budget, hence offering to a wider clientele the possibility of owning a projector of SIM2’s M. series. The M.120 utilises 0.95” DarkChip DLP® chipset (the same used in commercial cinemas), Super [...]


The Grand Cinema™ SUPER LUMIS DLP Projector achieves extraordinary picture quality through the partnership of the 0,95” 1080p DC4 DLP® chipset, the improved version of SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ light engine and 3D Triple Flash technology (144 Hz) for a smoother, natural, and fatiguefree 3D viewing experience. No other projector technology can match the superb color depth, [...]

Form and function, that difficult balancing act between what appear to be two opposing forces in design criteria, is something of a SIM2 specialty. It separates SIM2 products from the rest of the market. Compact (12” x 12”), crystal glass clad and powerful enough to light up the largest screen, SuperCube brings SIM2-quality images to [...]

SIM2 Crystal Cube DLP Projector

                The Crystal Cube DLP Projector is, in true SIM2 fashion, a perfect blend of style and technology with a luxurious and understated glass cabinet that easily blends into any home décor. When turned off, the projector aspect of the design is virtually invisible and Crystal Cube is [...]

SIM2 AR-1 3-Chip DLP Projector

The NEW SIM2 AR-1 is a deluxe Compact 3 Chip Cinema Projector, equipped with all the latest innovations available from DLP Technology to create the Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience. Custom built Fujinon large aperture glass lenses were specifically designed for this unit to guarantee exceptional on screen clarity. Additionally, a specialist color notch filter which, [...]

SIM2 NERO 3 1-Chip LED Proejctor

                The glass exterior suggests the future, its technological center confirms it. NERO 3 is a lifestyle product designed for today’s lifestyle. LED is the source of illumination, 1-chip DLP the image technology. This combination ensures that images are bright, sharp and beautifully realistic. With a specification list [...]

SIM2 LUMIS 3D-S 1-Chip 3D DLP Projector

                The LUMIS 3D-S is an high-end compact 3-chip DLP® home cinema 3D single unit projector, the first and only on the HT market which utilizes Triple Flash Technology, the same technology chosen by best cinema  to produce natural and fatigue-less images . Designed for use with large [...]