Anthem MRX520 AV Receiver – The Wirecutter

The Best Gear for Building Your Home Theater Includes Anthem MRX 520 – January 2016 – The Wirecutter’s AV team spends thousands of hours each year to find the best looking and sounding home theater equipment. Whether you have a dedicated theater room planned or want to upgrade your weeknight living room movie night, they […]

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Paradigm Prestige Series – CE Pro Editor

Paradigm Prestige Series Named The Best of 2015 by CE Pro Editor Robert Archer “Just over a year ago the Canadian company Paradigm added to its large and diverse product line by introducing its Prestige series of speakers. Balancing contemporary industrial designs, along with its latest engineering concepts, the product line, which includes its 75F, […]

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Paradigm Soundscape Soundbar


Trusted Reviews
July 2014

‘it’s like Paradigm has set up a full-size speaker system at the front of your room, blasting out a huge, powerful soundstage that has no right to emerge from such a compact unit.’

Awarded: 9/10 Recommended Award

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LH Labs Geek Out EM USB Headphone Amp

Outstanding Product small Geek Out 1000

Hi-Fi News
September 2014 issue

‘The Geek Out delivered its majesty and power in a way that one would assume was the sole preserve of full-sized components of uncompromised complexity.’

Awarded: 88% and Outstanding Product Award


Anthem MRX 310 AV Receiver


Trusted Reviews
April 2014

‘The MRX 310 delivers powerful, focused and finessed sound quality, the likes of which you’d expect from a receiver costing twice as much.’

Awarded: 9/10 Recommended Award

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Anthem MRX 510 AV Receiver


Home Cinema Choice
April 2014

‘The Anthem’s full-bodied, tight and atmospheric aural delivery makes it an imperative purchase.’

Awarded: Best Buy

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February 2014

‘The Anthem MRX 710 is, quite simply, the best sounding AV receiver that we have reviewed to date and is therefore the reference point against which all the other receivers will be compared.’

Awarded: 10/10 Reference Status

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Paradigm Mini Monitor Speakers


Hi-Fi Choice
July 2013

‘A very capable all-rounder that should sit well in many systems’

Awarded: Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

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Anthem MRX 700 AV Receiver


What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
October 2012

‘All in all this is a terrific performance for the money.’

Awarded: 5 stars

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Anthem MRX 300 AV Receiver


AV Forums
27th July 2012

‘The Anthem MRX 300 redefines what a budget AV receiver is capable of… if it’s pure audio performance you’re looking for, then look no further.’

Awarded: Best Buy

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