Paradigm Cinema™ 100 CT 5.1 Package


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Issue 207

‘It’s been a long time since such a small system has so amazed me’

Score: Best Buy

Reviewed by Adam Rayner

On the design of the Cinema 100 satellite speakers Adam says:

‘The tweeters in each 100CT live in a little dishin the baffle described as a ‘waveguide’, which means there is a little help with off-axis performance from this slight horn-loading. Their domes are made of a massively stiff anodised aluminium and are expensively driven, with ferrofluid bathing their meaty voice coils.’

On the performance of the system:

‘In conjunction with an Anthem MRX 300 receiver doing its RoomEQ thing, the CT100 array served up a delicious performance… the initial impression was how classy and upmarket the whole Paadigm CT sound was. You get a slice of high-end from these bizarre little boxes. ‘

‘The soundfield is divorced from the boxes, hanging in the air, and there is a total synergy between all five cabinets, helped by the fact they’re all tonally and technically identical.

On the Cinema subwoofer:

‘The Cinema subwoofer uses a single 8in driver and 100W of power, and is wonderful for the money… It supports the CT100s very well, right up to the bottom of the satellites’ ability. The blend between them is true and you’ll struggle to identify where the bass is coming from.’

‘This really is a system for someone who craves a big sound but wants to avoid room-dominating speakers.’

The speakers benefits are summarised as

‘Fabulously articulate and detailed soundstage; compact and unobtrusive design’