S.I. Black Diamond G3 0.8 Projection Screen Material

Black Diamond allows projection to exist with the lights on or off by increasing projector contrast over 900%. Customers now have the ability to utilize projection in environments that only a flat panel TV could exist before.

The new SI Black Diamond G3 takes projection to the next level by eliminating the need for a dark dedicated environment.  Now viewers can enjoy projection in high brightness environments anywhere, anytime.

Black Diamond G3 0.8 Upgrades Include:

  • Much darker with improved light rejection
  • Increased contrast
  • Razor sharp smooth images


Family Rooms – Games Rooms – Media Rooms – Bars/Restaurants – Boardrooms – Churches – Outdoor

Recommended Projectors – All types (call for 3D information)

Maximum Seamless Size

  • 2.40:1 – 142″ diagonal
  • 16:9 -113″ diagonal
  • 4:3 – 93″ diagonal

Gain = 0.8
Half Gain Angle = 44
Weight = 0.43kg/m2 (0.09lb/ft2)
Benefits > over traditional screens

Dark Environment

In a dark environment standard screens scatter light onto the walls, floors, and ceilings only to be reflected back onto the screen washing out the picture. Black Diamond reduces light scatter by over 75%, increasing viewer immersion and contrast.

Bright Environment

In a bright environment Black Diamond is the only screen that absorbs all unwanted ambient light in a room. Ambient light is absorbed above, below, and even in the path of the projector, allowing the screen to maintain and preserve the projectors contrast. Only the projectors light is reflected back into the viewers eyes creating over 900% more contrast compared to all other screens.

Truly Black

Higher aesthetic appeal when the projector is off – the screen material looks like a flat panel display. Black is the native screen material colour.

Future compliant with resolutions greater than 2K x 4K