EHD Cables High-Speed Long-Run HDMI Cables

Range of High-Speed Long-Run HD Inter-Linc Cables in lengths ranging from 0.5m to 25m available only to custom installers.

Specially built data accelerators keep both EDID and HDCP operating at remarkable levels and they are powered from within the interface so no external power devices are required.

By incorporating radical design techniques and state-of-the-art silicon, Ethereal’s new EHD™ High Speed Digital Cable products provide a HUGE video operating window that many firms absolutely crave.

These new products have specially-built data accelerators that keep both EDID and HDCP operating at remarkable performance levels unlike conventional cable products. EHD™ cables are powered from within the interface, eliminating any external power devices that are typically required.

Each cable comes with 6 sets of colour coded, inter-changeable nubs making cable management a snap!

Features include:

  • Ultra thin: starting at 3mm, these are the thinnest and most flexible cables available that exceed HDMI test ratings
  • Long distance: carry signals over 25m without any quality loss. Over 1000 cables in use with ZERO defects – a 100% success rate
  • Assured 10.2G performance at any length with out the need for additional electronics
  • 4K2K ready
  • 3D compatible
  • Deep Colour capable
  • DPL Certified
  • Every single cable is fully QC’d during the programming process so installers can be confident in their cables


Length Options Available:

0.5 METER     3mm Dia.     EHD-HD-5M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD-5M

1.0 METER     3mm Dia.     EHD-HD1M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD1M

1.5 METER     3mm Dia.     EHD-HD1-5M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD1-5M

2.0 METER     3mm Dia.     EHD-HD2M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD2M

3.0 METER     3mm Dia.     EHD-HD3M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD3M

4.0 METER     4mm Dia.     EHD-HD4M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD4M

5.0 METER     4mm Dia.     EHD-HD5M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD5M

6.0 METER     5mm Dia.     EHD-HD6M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD6M

8.0 METER     6mm Dia.     EHD-HD8M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD8M

10 METER     6mm Dia.     EHD-HD10M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD10M

12 METER     8mm Dia.     EHD-HD12M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD12M

15 METER     8mm Dia.     EHD-HD15M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD15M

20 METER     9mm Dia.     EHD-HD20M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD20

25 METER     9mm Dia.     EHD-HD25M     Product Sheet: EHD_SHEET_HD25