TST329 Gold Transducer

The TST329 Gold transducer is set apart from all our other transducers as it can be mounted in any orientation.

The TST329 Gold transducer, with its solid-dome construction and proven sound performance, provides superb sound fidelity and efficiency. As the stalwart transducer in the Clark Synthesis product line, the TST329 Gold has proven to be a great choice in many audio/video applications such as mid-range home cinema furniture and commercial/military vehicle simulators.

This rock solid performer provides superb sound fidelity and efficiency in any audio/video applications. Whether mounting under your sofa or in a flight simulator, its solid dome construction makes this our number one work horse in sound performance and versatility.

An amplifier is required in order to operate the TST329 Gold.Clark Synthesis recommends using an amplifier that is stable at 4 ohms that can deliver 125-150 watts @ 4 ohms (per transducer).

  • Reproduce full-frequency, full-fidelity sound
  • Transmits sound in both physical and audible form
  • Increases the viewer’s experience of being actively involved in the film
  • Can be fitted either directly to the furniture, or to the riser on which the furniture rests
  • Has 135 watts continuous power handling
  • Frequency response 10Hz – 17kHz