Trinnov Audio Magnitude32 32 Channel Home Theatre/Speaker Optimser


Passive acoustics is mandatory in Home Theatre designs to linearise the energy spread and control late reverberation, but cannot always deal with the speaker acoustic environment, nor phase issues, especially when soundtracks need to be played through perforated screens.

Furthermore, typical room do not allow for ideal loudspeakers placement, and perfect impulse response unfortunately do not exist. With the amount of Room/Speaker acoustic interactions growing with 3D Sound high channel and speaker count, using the appropriate audio calibration solution becomes more critical than ever before to achieve the most accurate and immersive sound reproduction.


A  Home Theatre audio installation cannot reach a level of complexity that could undermine the processing power of the Magnitude32. Trinnov’s  multi-channel processor can handle up to 32 channels and perform 4-ways active crossovers calibration. With its 3D acoustic measurement and analysis engine, best-in-class Room/Speaker Optimiser, multiple automatic and manual processing options, patented 2D/3D loudspeaker re-mapping technology and unlimited number of supported sub woofers, the Magnitude32 stands out of competition as the most powerful multi-channel processor on the market.

The high performance electronics, high-resolution processing engine and comprehensive set of features ensure an unrivalled level of audio performance and ease of implementation to the system designer. When considered in the first steps of a dedicated home theate room design, the Magnitude32 becomes an excellent partner to achieve the best performance, regardless of the installation complexity. Your sound system could never be so close to perfection.

The Trinnov Magnitude32 software suite not only gathers conventional processing toolkits, such as EQs, delays, bass management…but also 3D acoustic analysis, smart graphs engine, 4-ways Intelligent Crossovers, State-of-the-Art Digital Room/Loudspeaker correction and 2D/3D Speaker Remapping. No matter how complex is the sound system, the installation procedure becomes fast en easy.

Evolutive I/O Architecture

The Mg32-88 configurations allow for 8 simultaneous I/O and 8 processing channels. Optional ADA4 and DA8 expansion boards can be added to provide up to 16 Inputs and 32 Outputs channels. While the first 8 channels are available through XLR connectors, channels 1-32 are also provided in a SubD25 standard Tascam format, facilitating cable synoptic drawings.

Comprehensive Processing

Comprehensive 64 bits floating point processing tools are included in standard on each processor platform: Routing and Mixing Matrixes, Manual FIR filters, Parametric EQs, Graphic EQs, gains, trims, RMS meters, manual delays, Bass Management, 4-way active crossovers, inputs formats, noise generators, Polarity Control, up-mix matrices, DRC controller, advanced XML programming…Enhanced with Trinnov’s State-Of-The-Art acoustic analysis and Digital Loudspeaker/Room Optimization software, the Magnitude32 becomes the most powerful speaker processor available on the market.

Intelligent Crossover Alignment

Individual driver and system measurements are acquired and analyzed, including the impulse response, delays and gains of every driver. The Optimiser’s calibration engine computes the ideal filters, finding the best compromise to improve flatness, directly and attack in the overlapping frequency regions.

Custom Profiles

Trinnov combines automatic processes with flexible fine-tuning tools that allow the sound system designer to reach the best results, while making the whole process easier and faster. 8 customisable Profiles allow to mix up different parameters independently from any of the 29 existing user presets.

Remote Control

  • Real-Time remote capabilities can be achieved using Trinnov’s proprietary RS-232 and Ethernet IP protocol or via automation systems.
  • The graphical user interface can be accessed remotely from any PC, Mac, Tablet or SmartPhone over the network, using a VNC client application.

Presets Back-Up

  • The Magnitude32 supports presets storage / back-up’s via FTP or USB.
  • In addition, presets can be uploaded onto Trinnov Audio server and reloaded into a customer’s unit upon installers request.

Remote Monitoring

Certified Trinnov Audio installers can use a secured network access to their customers unit to provide assistance of make further adjustments.

Loudspeaker / Room Optimiser…………..

Modern Acoustic Measurements & Analysis

The Magnitude32 uses MLS signals to measure the full impulse response of every loudspeaker in the room. This adds the time dimension to the frequency response and enables the Optimiser to see the full picture of the loudspeaker’s behavior in the room. Trinnov’s state-of-the art time-frequency analysis algorithms identify room modes, first reflections and late reverberation. Every acoustic component is analysed and compensated with a specific techniques. All the subtlety of the Optimiser resides in knowing which defects can be corrected with acoustic transparency.

Powerful Equilzation

The Magnitude32 intelligent acoustic engine automatically computes FIR and IIR filters to improve the consistency of the direct sound against late reverberation. Full-phase, time domain techniques are applied, compensating for the loudspeaker’s group delay and early reflections, while later reflections are left untouched.

Comprehensive Graphs

The integrated acoustic analysis tools provide insight on the measurements. You can easily overlay multiple graphs to compare loudspeakers characteristics, measurements points or the results of the optimization against the unoptimised sound.

Tonal Balance & Target Curves

The loudspeaker’s direct sound (including early reflections) and the room (energy response) are separately equalized, opening up the listening window. The Optimizer corrects the tonal balance by targeting the most neutral timbre for each speaker. Furthermore, target curves can be defined to achieve very specific results or preserve the original loudspeakers characteristics.

Inter Channel Images & Phase Response

By addressing phase responses issues, the Magnitude32 result is a high resolution image with well-focused phantom sources.

3D Re-Mapping

2D and 3D re-mapping is one of Trinnov’s leading technology. Thanks to the 3D microphone measurements capabilities, speakers distance, azimuths and elevations can be identified precisely. According to the reported information, a more accurate speaker placement can be retrieved, ensuring a full compliance with cinema surround sound standards.

Wide Listening Area & Multi-Point

Trinnov’s sophisticated multi-point algorithms can take into account the measurements of different positions to perform the Optimization. You can assign a higher weight to the most important listening position(s) and lower weights of the other points.

High Performance Audio
Resolution / Sampling Rate 24 bits/96 kHz
A/D signal-to-noise ratio 119 dB (A-Weighted)
THD+N ADC -103 dB
D/A signal-to-noise ratio 118 dB (A-Weighted)
THD+N DAC -98 dB
Clock / Jitter Variations under 25ps are recovered, jitter attenuation superior to 50 dB is achieved above 100Hz
Power Supply Independant for audio and processing sections
Safety components AntiPop relays on each analog output
Design and Assembly All Audio boards designed and manufactured by Trinnov
Digital Inputs 8 channels AES/EBU inputs via DB25 (110 Ohms – Tascam Pinout).
An optional expansion board can be installed to extend the number of digital inputs to 16.
Analog Inputs Up to 16 channels inputs via DB25 (20k Ohms – Tascam Pinout)
First 8 channels inputs via XLR (20k Ohms)
Analog Outputs Up to 32 channels outputs via DB25 (Tascam Pinout)
First 8 channels outputs via XLR
Processing Section
Processor Intel i5 Quad-Core, low thermal dissipation
Data Width 64 bits, floating point
Storage Flash Drive 2 GB
Cooling System Custom heat sinks + additionnal slow fans
Maximum number of processing channels 32 channels at 96 kHz
Physical Characteristics
magnitude32 dimensions

  • Chassis: 2U
  • Power supply: 240V AC / 50-60 Hz. Option: 130V AC
  • Consumption: 90 W max.
  • Weight: ∼10,2kg
  • Environnemental conditions:
    • - Operating: 0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)
    • - Humidity: 20% – 80% relative humidity (without condensation)

Magnitude32 Line Up


Available Configurations…………..
  • 8 Dig IN and 8 Ana I/O.
  • Upgradable to 12/12,16/16, 16/24 and 16/32 configurations.
  • 8 Dig IN and 12 Ana I/O.
  • Upgradable to 16/16,16/24 and 16/32 configurations.
  • 8 Dig IN and 16 Ana I/O.
  • Upgradable to
  • 1624 and 16/32 configurations.
  • 8 Dig IN and
  • 16 IN / 24 OUT Ana.
  • Upgradable to 16-32configurations.
  • 8 Dig IN and
  • 16 IN / 32 OUT Ana.

Expansion Boards

Expansion Boards








ADA4 Expansion Board

  • One ADA4 Expansion Board is adding 4 Analog I/O Channels to an existing 88 or 12/12 set-up.
  • A total of 4 ADA4 Expansion Boards can be installed in a single Magnitude32 processor.
  • Only suitable for 12/12 and 16/16 upgrades.

DA8 Expansion Board

  • One DA8 Expansion Board is adding 8 Analog Output Channels to an existing 1616 or 1624 setup.
  • A total of 2 DA8 Expansion Boards can be installed in a single Magnitude32 processor.
  • Only suitable for 16/24 and 16/32 upgrades.

AES16 Upgrade Kit

  • A hardware upgrade is possible to extend the number of digital inputs to 16.
  • The same DB25 input connector is used for the 16 digital inputs, based on the common DB25 pin-out used in most digital cinema servers.