Live-Wall LW1218 Speaker

The Live-Wall speakers were developed with one simple goal in mind: develop a great sounding loudspeaker. And make it invisible!

There are other invisible speakers on the market, but while they might be invisible, they just don’t sound that great. It’s no small matter to install invisible speakers throughout a house. And when the work is done, it’s simply got to sound great because there’s no turning back once the system has been installed.

Live-Wall technology is different. It operates more like a conventional speaker, producing a convincing soundstage with plenty of nuance and detail. People who experience a Live-Wall system call it “magic,” as they look around the room wondering where the speakers are!

Live-Wall speakers are built in America for decades of uncompromised performance—in any room of your home (even the shower!). You will be delighted with  Live-Wall speakers. And your friends will think it’s magical!


Live-Wall speakers have a uniform dispersion pattern, achieved by a point-source design. The LW1218 spreads sound evenly throughout the room. This unique feature adds to the magic, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the speakers are located.

Of course, this is a great benefit when choosing a location for the Live-Wall speaker—its placement is less finicky than a conventional speaker. So you can put the LW1218 where it fits best—in the ceiling, in soffits, in the wall right next to your thin TV.


The Live-Wall speakers have been designed  for new construction and retrofit installation. During new construction, you may choose to use the LW1218-BOX, a fire-rated metal backbox to reduce music bleedthrough in adjoining rooms where it has an unimpeded view of the room, and not hidden behind artwork or big pieces of furniture.

The face of the Live-Wall speaker vibrates imperceptibly, producing soundwaves in your room. So it’s best if the speaker is placed where it has an unimpeded view of the room, and not hidden behind artwork or big pieces of furniture.


Making the LW1218 invisible is straightforward. You can cover the speaker with a light skim coat and paint. Even velvet flocked wallpaper! We’re not too picky about the finishing process, as long as you keep the covering thin. Any competent plasterer can install a Live-Wall speaker, make it invisible, and retain its sonic benefits.


So what makes the LW1218 magical? We start with an anodized aluminium frame which supports the vibrating diaphragm as well as the motor structure. We build an impressive motor, with a custom-machined housing, a large neodymium magnet, and a 2″ voice coil floating in a bath of heat-dissipating ferrofluid.

Our vibrating diaphragm is a sandwich of a woven fiberglass cloth held stiff with epoxy, and a porous skin which holds tight to drywall mud, plaster, and stucco. We affix the motor structure and diaphragm to the aluminum frame with the same adhesive airplane manufacturers use to hold wings to the fuselage.

Look at our crossover network and you’ll find mil-spec components plus a fast-acting protection circuit that shields the speaker from unwarranted voltage spikes, power surges, and amplifier malfunctions.

In all, the LW1218 is an impressive piece of precision engineering built and tested in Live-Wall’s Californian facilities.

The LW1218

Measuring 12×18″ with a depth of 2-7/8″ in the wall, the LW1218 can be placed virtually anywhere. We consider this a full-range model, with satisfying bass, articulate midrange, and a clean top end.

The LW1218 Metal Back Box

Use this fire-rated box during new construction to “claim the space”, plus reduce sound transfer in adjoining rooms. Sound transfer is reduced by up to 9dB.